OPay Prohibits Cryptocurrency, Virtual Assets Trading On Its Platform

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OPay, a leading financial technology company, has reaffirmed its strict prohibition of cryptocurrency and virtual asset trading on its platform. 

As a compliant organisation committed to upholding legal, constitutional, and regulatory duties, OPay said it prioritises the safety, strength, and integrity of the financial system.

CEO, OPay Nigeria, Mr. Gotring Wuritka Dauda, in a press statement, made available to LEADERSHIP said OPay does not permit trading in any form of cryptocurrency or virtual currency on its platform. 

Additionally, OPay accounts and wallets must not be used in connection with such activities. To ensure compliance with this directive, OPay conducts daily scans of its platform to detect any unauthorised cryptocurrency or virtual currency trading. Any account or wallet found in breach of this policy will be closed immediately, with details reported to the relevant regulatory authorities, he added.

For absolute clarity, Dauda affirmed that OPay has never condoned, nor will it permit, the trading of cryptocurrency or virtual assets on its platform.

He continued by urging all customers to ensure their OPay wallets and accounts are not involved in cryptocurrency or virtual currency transactions.

Non-compliance with this policy will result in account closure. 

The CEO appreciated all customers for their continued trust and support as they work together to maintain a secure and compliant financial environment.


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