Data Depletion: Telcos Launch Consumer Sensitisation Campaign

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In a concerted effort to address widespread complaints about data depletion, Nigeria’s Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have collaboratively launched a consumer sensitisation campaign aimed at providing practical guidance for more effective data management.

This initiative is designed to enhance consumer satisfaction by helping subscribers optimise their data usage.

In a unified statement, the MNOs highlighted several smart data usage behaviours that can help prevent data depletion. These include disabling automatic app updates, enabling data saver mode, and closing unused apps to prevent background data consumption.

To prevent unauthorised access and strengthen data security, the MNOs advised consumers to use stronger passwords and regularly update their hotspot and Wi-Fi passwords to prevent unauthorised access.

For a seamless video streaming experience, users should ensure they have sufficient data and turn off auto-downloads to effectively manage content consumption, MNOs advised.

With the advent of advanced network technologies like 4G, LTE, and the latest 5G, which offer ultra-fast data speeds and enhanced browsing and streaming experiences, the speed of data consumption and pattern have increased significantly. Consumers are encouraged to understand these changes and manage their data usage accordingly.

“It is important for consumers to familiarise themselves with the specific terms and conditions of their data plans,” the MNOs emphasised. “Different plans cater to various needs, including weekend-specific plans, social media-only plans, and regular plans configured for night use only.”


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