Bagudu Demands Opportunities For Youths In Creative Industry

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The minister of budget and economic planning Abubakar Bagudu has called on the managing director/chief executives of the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), Ali Nuhu to find meaningful opportunities for Youths to take advantage of the creative industry.

Bagudu also advised the corporation to seek collaboration with KOICA of South Korea, Japan and the French Embassy, to move the creative industry in the country forward.

The  minister called Dr Nuhu, a disruptor brought into government to use his creative ability to convey positive messages of Renewed Hope and project resilient Nigerians who daily toil to live meaningful lives.Stunned by thousands of storks flying over the sky in Gia Viễn dike, Ninh Bình – Nếm TV

Bagudu also advocated for support from international  organisations and relevant stakeholders  for the Nigerian Film Corporation to boost the economic growth of the country.

The minister made remarks when Dr Nuhu  and senior members of the corporation paid him a courtesy visit in the ministry on Thursday, according to a statement that was issued by the ministry spokeswoman Julie Osaige-Jacobs.

Abubakar Bagudu noted that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was deliberate in the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Creative Economy as he recognised the fact that some organisations or fields of endeavours contribute to economic growth of a nation.

According to the minister, ‘’ Our major asset rather than liability is the creative industry and remains the biggest employer of labour’’.

In response, the NFC boss said the purpose of the courtesy  increase in the budgetary allocation of the corporation, to enable it to achieve its mandates. He specifically noted that the increase in budgetary supplementation would enable the Corporation to maintain its liaison offices, the development of the NFC permanent site, capacity building of the existing staff and the recruitment of its aging personnel.

In a welcome address, the director/economic growth, Elizabeth Egharevba said “Our entertainment Industry is contributing to our economic  growth and with your appointment by the President, we are positive you will achieve more”.

The NFC is one of the parastatals in the Federal Ministry of Culture and Creative Economy and has the mandate to foster a thriving and enduring film industry and cinema culture, in Nigeria.


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