9PSB CEO Applauds Impacts Of Female Professionals, Entrepreneurs In Fintech

Marc Brys

The managing director and  chief executive of 9 Payment Service Bank (9PSB), Branka Mracajac has applauded the impressive progress demonstrated by the female professionals and entrepreneurs in the fintech sector, and Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMEs).Dinosaurs Spine at Hang Dong, Ta Xua, Son La seen from above

Speaking at the 2024 Digital Pay Expo and Exhibition designed to mentor participating female undergraduates across institutions of higher learning in Lagos, Mracajac emphasised that women are making significant breakthroughs in the fintech sector and in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in recent years compared to what was obtainable in the past.

Although, women are still contending with the male counterparts for positions, it is evident that many women are assuming key executive positions in the finance and fintech sector, as well as other areas of human endeavours as the fintech industry is striving to improve situations occasioned by gender disparity, inclusivity, and financial inclusion to ensure equal growth and opportunities.

To him, “Women are founding many business entities and SMEs, it is important to have the right mindset, work hard and put in more efforts to educate yourselves, acquire the right expertise and skills, network and find someone who will inspire you and the opportunities would present itself.

“We need more prominent professional women leaders in fintech to inspire young girls. We did not have this in my time, but the dynamics have changed. Women should stay focused, connected, and look for opportunities to kick-start their careers.’’

Other female chief executive officers in the fintech sector who also formed part of the session are; Ronke Kuye, (Shared Agent Network Expansion Facilities Limited, SANEF, Nigeria); Dr. Markie Idowu (Xpress Payment Solutions Limited); Kemi Okunsanya (Hydrogen, Nigeria), and Yemi Keri (Heckerbella Limited).

They also shared pieces of advice to the young undergraduates on the need to have mentors who have attained progressive stages of career growth; build good rapport; have improved social capital, utilise the social media as a means of communication; and communicate their capability, competencies, and experience.

In addition, they advised them to offer their best and be ready to add value to prospective organisations they will be employed in. Furthermore, the youngsters were also implored to build and keep relationships with colleagues and ensure they leave on a good note whenever they meet people, because the future is unpredictable.

Digital Pay Expo is a yearly event designed to bring together industry regulators, fintech top executives, and innovators in the fintech and payment solution space to collaborate and move the industry forward.


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