BlackHouse Media (BHM), a public relations and communications agency based in Africa and Europe, has been listed among the 2024 fastest-growing companies in Africa by Financial Times.
BHM in a release said the Company won the award for the second consecutive year.

The prestigious FT ranking, rapidly becoming one of the critical barometers of business success across the African continent, recognises BHM’s stellar performance and solidifies its position as one of the nation’s corporate frontrunners. The list ranks independent African companies by their organic, internally stimulated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue for the period under review.

The founder and CEO of BHM, Ayeni Adekunle said that “the incredible support from our clients and partners across the world has been instrumental in our growth.”
He noted that “this recognition is further validation of our strategic vision, and our ambition to build the

first truly global communications services company with African roots.”

He pointed out that “BHM’s inclusion in the FT ranking is another milestone, as the company continues to lead the industry with its innovative approach to communications.

“The company’s impressive financial performance, spearheaded by robust revenue growth and strategic market expansion, has captured the attention of industry analysts and investors alike.”

The head of the IMF’s Africa department, Abebe Selassie pointed out that despite the economic challenges in Africa within the period, many businesses still managed to survive, saying “much of the private sector, particularly the private sector that’s not directly reliant on government business, has shown incredible resilience.”

The ranking was created by the FT and Statista to showcase the continent’s private growth champions.

Also, the executive director, BHM Holdings, Femi Falodun said, “this is a testament to the hard work of our people and the incredible support we have enjoyed from partners and clients.

BHM’s story demonstrates the immense potential that exists within the country’s vibrant communications sector. The company’s ambitious plans for further expansion across Africa and beyond point towards an even brighter future.

BHM’s ability to capitalise on emerging opportunities while navigating the complexities of the African business landscape has solidified its reputation as a force to be reckoned with. With research-led innovations such as the continent’s first PR & Communications Report (APCR), and the UK’s Cost of Living Survey, among others, the company has continuously exhibited its breadth for data-led solutions. World PR Day (WPRD) which is celebrated every July 16, is also one of the company’s interventions in the global communications landscape.